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Dates for 2023


January 25 Wednesday Luke Grgurevic Memorial training

January 26 Tuesday Australia Day

February 8 Wednesday Wednesday (Geelong) classes commence

February 18 Saturday Judge & Referee Seminar

February 25 Saturday Day Seminar Geelong Tallis St (Goldsworthy under construction)

March 13 Monday Labour Day

March 18 Saturday Knockdown training day (Geelong)Corio Dojo

March 25 Saturday Tasmania training (Launceston)

March 20-25 First round of 25 Fight Nights

April 6 Thursday Vic  School Holidays start

April 7 Friday Good Friday

April 10 Monday Easter Monday

April 16 Sunday Greek Easter

April 23 Sunday Victorian Championships The Arena

April 25 Tuesday Anzac Day

April 26 Wednesday Sosai Memorial training Tallis St (Goldsworthy under construction)

May 6 Saturday Kata Day, Traralgon

May 14 Sunday Mothers Day

May 20 Saturday5th Kyu & Under grading, Geelong Tallis St (Goldsworthy under construction)

May 28 Sunday NSW Championships

June 3 Saturday Adelaide Training Day

June 12 Monday Kings Birthday

June 16 Friday National Camp  Confirmed

June 17 Saturday National Camp Confirmed

June 18 Sunday National Camp Confirmed

June 24 Victorian School holidays start

July 1 Warrnambool Seminar

July 8 Saturday Portland Open Border Challenge

July 15 Saturday Dan Grading, Geelong Corio Dojo

July24-29 2nd round of 25 Fight Nights

August 13 Sunday AKKA NATIONALS

August 26 Saturday Day Seminar Geelong Goldsworthy

September 3 Sunday Fathers Day

September 10 Sunday VKKA Regionals, Winchelsea

September 16 Victorian School holidays start

September 18-23 3rd Round of 25 Fight Nights

October 7 Saturday Junior Camp

October 8 Sunday Junior Camp

October 14 Saturday One Match, Ballarat

October 21 Saturday Tasmania training 

October 18 Wednesday Geelong Cup (No Wednesday class)

October 30-Nov-04 4th Round of 25 Fight Nights

November 7 Tuesday Melbourne Cup

November 4 Saturday Branch Camp (Senior)

November 5 Sunday Branch Camp (Senior)

November 11 Saturday5th Kyu & Under grading, Geelong Goldsworthy

November 18 Saturday Dan grading Geelong

December 9 Saturday World Cup, Chile

December 10 Sunday World Cup, Chile

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