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Shihancho Gary Viccars commenced training in Kyokushin Karate in 1968 and has been training continuously since then.

The title of Shihancho was bestowed upon him by the IKO Matsushima Organization to which he belongs and it means boss of the Shihans.

He was graded to the rank of 7th Dan in 2006 by Kancho Matsushima, 9th Dan and Hanshi John Taylor 9th Dan.

As such he is one of the foremost instructors of Kyokushin Karate in the World and is also recognized as one of the top referees in the World having been referee at many World events. 

He was promoted to Branch Chief personally by Sosai Oyama in 1993. 

Shihancho leads his Branch in training in traditional Kyokushin Karate as taught to him by Sosai Mas Oyama. His mission statement is to provide the members of his Branch with as much opportunity for the development of their skills in Kyokushin Karate as possible (both technical and personal). 

To this end he provides training seminars, camps and tournaments (no contact, knockdown and kata) as vehicles for their development. He freely gives of his time to provide weekly training for all green belts and above and special training for all those attempting dan grades during the year. 


He is also one of the few Branch Chiefs to have completed the 50 man kumite test. 

His Branch members have access to training with a 7th Dan on a consistent basis and that is a very rare bonus that many others never get. Shihancho has dojo all over Victoria as well as several dojo in Tasmania and 2 in Adelaide.

It is little wonder that his Branch is referred to by Kancho as "the Viccars family".

Shihancho was a founding member of the Victorian Kyokushin Karate Association in 1975 and has served as Chairman since then.


The VKKA Knockdown Championships was first held in 1977 and is the longest running knockdown event in Australia

Shihancho fought in the 2nd World Championships in 1979 and he lived in Japan for almost 3 months training at the legendary Honbu dojo in Ikebukuro twice a day. This included at least 3 classes per week under Mas. Oyama. 

He also completed the notorious winter camp whilst he was there. He is one of the very few people in Australia that can claim they trained directly under Mas. Oyama for an extended period of time. He was also fortunate enough to have a meal with Sosai and his Uechi Deshi every Friday night. Thus Shihancho has many personal experiences of Sosai and his training.

In 2018 Shihancho completed 50 years of continuous training In Kyokushin Karate. He was presented with this plaque by Kancho Matsushima in China at the World Cup and his Branch presented him with this photo collection.

Shihancho with Sosai
Shihancho & Kancho
SShihancho Gary Viccars 7th Dan
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